How to Check 2022 Cameroon GCE Results Online free


How to Check 2022 Cameroon GCE Results Online and offline 

How to check Cameroon GCE results 2022
Check Cameroon GCE results

 I know after writing your GCE ordinary and advanced Level examination, you are always in a hurry to start asking questions like  “When will gce results be released? What's my GCE result?”. 

So, you managed to write such an important exam as GCE. It is important that you know how to check gce results for 2022 online and offline in Cameroon

You'll start asking questions like how to check my gce results online, has the gce results been released, when will the GCE results be released for 2022 etc. Don't worry, I have got you covered.

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Today I share with you the easiest and best ways and places to check your GCE ordinary and advanced Level examination 2022.

Gone pass are Those days when students used to suffer, pay for before getting their results. Today with just one click, you can get your results and grades for free. Last year 2021, results were released directly on the internet via the Cameroon GCE Board Examination website for free.

Sometimes there are situations when you have no means of seeing your GCE results. 

The most accessible way to find out your result is a mobile phone. It is always at your hand and the process of checking the GCE result will literally take you a few minutes.

I will look at ways on how to check your GCE results online in Cameroon and I will also look at ways to check your GCE results offline in Cameroon.

With no further ado let's get started

How to  check GCE Cameroon results without the internet (offline). 

Check GCE results offline
Students talk

Below is a list of the various ways in which you can check your gce result without the internet in Cameroon.

1.  From your school writing Center

You can check your GCE results from your school. 

After the release of the Gce results, the various schools usually get the results for all their candidates. 

checking your GCE results from your school is free of charge.

2. From newspapers 

Gce results Newspaper
GCE results Newspaper 

Many newspapers usually publish the GCE results. This was effective in those days.So this is another way to get your GCE results without the internet. 

Be sure to get your own newspaper to see your results.

3). From Telecom companies cameroon.

In the previous years, Telecom companies like MTN and Orange Cameroon offered students the chance to check GCE results with MTN using USSD code

get support about using USSD codes to check GCE Results?.

However, this isn't free of charge.

4). From family members and friends

Staying connected with family members and friends during this period of waiting for the GCE 2022 results A level and O level is so important. 

A friend might have where he or she can get the GCE results from. 

This can also be beneficial to you.

Those are the few ways that we gathered on how to check GCE Results offline in Cameroon.

How to check GCE 2022 results online in Cameroon.

Below, we will list several websites at which you can check your GCE results online in Cameroon.








These are the few websites to check your GCE results 2022 online that we could gather for you. Also note that many important websites are coming up daily.

we will keep you updated with more.


Gone pass are Those days when students use to stress before checking their GCE results. Today it's very easy to check GCE results offline and online faster for free.

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