How to submit YouTube channel for Monetization in Cameroon


How to submit YouTube channel for Monetization in Cameroon( in details)

How to Monitize YouTube channel in Cameroon
Steps to Monitize YouTube channel in Cameroon

After reaching your YouTube channel Monetization requirements in Cameroon, it's time to submit your channel for YouTube to review and approve for you to start earning some cash.

For you to earn and withdraw money from YouTube in Cameroon is a bit challenging and technical, if you follow the instructions below, it's going to be easier for you. 

With no further ado, let's dive into business

New updates you need to know before submitting your YouTube channel for review.

  • Two factor Account Verification

  • Have 1000 subscriber

  • Reach 4000 Watch hours

  • Summit Tax information.

I will explain the last point

Summit Tax information: YouTube recently Announced that all YouTuber must submit their tax information before they can withdraw money from the AdSense earnings

How does the YouTube channel tax information work?

If you haven't submitted your tax information, the YouTube channel considers you as a US citizen and hence, deduct 24+%  from your Total earnings monthly.

If you have submitted your tax information zero percent will be deducted as tax in some countries with US tax treaties such as Canada. 

More 0 to 30% will be deducted from your Us earnings depending on the Country you are living in. That's only earnings from the US are taxed, not global earnings as opposed to a case where you haven't submitted any tax information. 

Watch video about tax information in YouTube

How to apply for Monitazation with Adsense on YouTube

They're basically two steps

  • The application step

  • Review step

Let's go into detail.

The application step

As soon as you meet the requirements above, Enable monitization as thus:

a, Click on My Channel in the drop down Click on your icon in the top right corner.

Click on YouTube Studio.

Click the option for Creator on the bottom, left-hand side of your screen, Studio Classic.

Once you're in the Creator Studio, click on Channel  Status and Features.

Click Enable in the box that says monetization,

Click on add Adsense Account. Sign up if you don't yet have an AdSense account.

Make sure you make your years to be greater than 18 and Also use your valid information as on ID.

Note that some of these steps might not show in Mobile YouTube.

b, Link your already existing AdSense account.

Click Start on the “Sign up for Google AdSense” card.

You'll need to enter your YouTube account password and re-authenticate.

Choose the Google account you want to use to sign in to AdSense. ...

You'll be directed to an AdSense sign-up page.

Click Accept Association.

Review step

This usually takes 24hours, 4 days and even months depending on some factors beyond me.

Place Ads on your Channel: Once your Channel is reviewed, you can start placing ads on your Channel.


Follow the instructions above to submit your YouTube channel for Monetization in Cameroon. 

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