How to write SEO friendly content In blogger blog(New Step by Step guide)


How to write SEO friendly post In blogger blog(New Step by Step guide)

How to write SEO friendly content In blogger blog
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Many people will tell you that if you are on blogger blog, your content, post or articles will hardly appear on the first page of Google, this is a big lie because blogger is owned by Google and if you apply all Google rules of ranking, your Articles will always be number one on Google and other search engine first pages. It's important to note that this article even focuses on blogger blogs, you can apply the tips on any other platform like WordPress and achieve more results. 

There's one mistake many writers usually make and here is it.

Not taking little things that matter seriously. These little things are those things to make your blog post rank higher.

Today I am going to share with you all the simple tips and tricks on how to make your Articles appear on the first page of a search engine. That's how to write a search engine optimized  ( SEO)  post in a blogger blog.  Some pro bloggers always say " if your Articles are not on the first page of Google, stop Blogging"

Let me explain the  process of  Search engine optimization. People go online everyday to look for solutions to their problems, Bloggers On the other hand are providing the solutions via search engines like Google and Bing.

In other words, Blogging is solving people's problems online. So, since they're many bloggers, search engines will always present the best solution to any problem people are searching online. The person with the best solution will be on the first page. That's all.

With no further ado, let's get to business.

What's SEO (Search engine optimization)

What's SEO (Search engine optimization)
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SEO  the process of getting blog posts to appear on the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. When people search for something on a search engine and find your website on the first page of Google, it means your Article was well written and optimized to meet search engine rules. When people visit your website from these searches, it's called 'organic traffic' and it's what matters today as far as Blogging is concerned. Now see how you can write SEO friendly posts below.

How to write SEO friendly content/Articles In blogger blog

To make your blogger blog Articles be on Google first page when people search your blog topics, follow the steps below.

  1. Research keywords

  2. Write good titles(h1, h2)

  3. Use correct grammar

  4. Write unique post

  5. Write good intro

  6. Organized post

  7. Add image/videos

  8. Add external/internal links

  9. Write all relevant info

  10. Check competitors

  11. Writing Search Description

  12. Wrap up with Keywords

Watch video with step by step practical

Let me explain the points above for you to understand better.

1, Research Keywords: keywords are simply words, phrases or sentences people search on Google when they're looking for a solution to their problems.

To research Keywords, some people use tools but I do this on Google for Free.

  • Go to Google.

  • type the title or the article you want to write,

  • pick more titles from  Google related searches.

  • Include them in your Articles or new Articles.

See screenshot below

Screenshot showing how to do keywords research on Google
Screenshot showing keywords research

Now you are already sure you are answering a question someone is asking on a search engine.

2. Write good titles: Now you have gotten your keywords from point one, use it to write the title of your post. In blogger, this is tricky to do, the title of your blogger blog is not your h1, h1 is when you highlight the title Inside the post and select major heading.


  • you use only one h1 in your Blog Post, you can use many h2. See screenshot below

how to h1 in blogger blog
Adding h1 in blogger

  • H1 tells the search engine your most important title, h2 second important ( headings), and it continues. This is what Google uses to rank your article.

  • Make sure all keywords are in the title but don't stuff. That's it should appear naturally.

See screenshot below Showing all the 'hs' in order. 

All hs in Bloggers
All hs

3 Use correct grammar: Whatever language you are using to write, use the most common words for anyone to read and understand. Using higher grammatical terms will hinder your ranking. Avoid spelling errors.  Use good sentences. Some people use paid  tools to correct spelling and grammar errors, I use Google docs for free. Hahaha!

4, Write a Unique post:  The error many people make is to copy people's articles and publish on their website. If you do this, search engines will hardly index your post. They might even penalize you and your website.  The best rule is to type your own Articles with your own words, use your own images that have never been Published on the internet.

5, Write a good Intro: Proper introduction grasps the attention of the reader. It also tells if what the person is looking for shall be Discussed in the made Articles.

Include keywords in your intro. You can start by identifying a problem which is on your readers mind and then tell them how you are going to solve it.

6,Organize your post: Highlight main points using bullets and numbers, use paragraphs where necessary. You already know that some readers can land on your website and scan only key points then get everything about what they were looking for.

7, Add images and videos: Images with illustrations make readers easily understand the points you are making. It equally helps visually impered people to quickly understand your post. Google considers this. But you have to add an image tag.

How to add image tag(Alt)

 Image tag is image 'alt' it helps in ranking.

After inserting an image, write image title as seen on the screenshot below

Adding image alt in Blogger
Add image caption and alt in blogger

Writer image caption as seen on the screenshot below. Image tag is the description of the image

Adding image caption in Blogger blog
Adding image caption


Add videos related to what you are talking about.

How to add image in Blogger blog
Adding image in Blogger blog 

Generally, images and videos make your post more beautiful and hence improve user experience.

8, Add internal/international links: when adding links, make sure it's a link that has something related to your main topic. Their link should also be full naturally. Also link your articles in some Post of your site that already ranking well on Google first page.

9, Write relevant information: When writing, make sure you cover everything related to what you are writing. That's a reader should not land on your page and go back to look at part of the info elsewhere.

10,Check competitors' posts: As we all know, many people are already writing about what you are writing. You can check their websites and do what is better than theirs.

11, Write search Describing. Search Description should carry some keywords and should be catchy to make people click on your Post. Search Description is what appears under your post title on a search engine. See screenshot believe.

How to add search Description in blogger blog.

How to add search Description in blogger Blog
Adding search Description in blogger

  • In the post page

  • Click on setting icon

  • Click on search Description,

  • Input the text.

  • Save 

See screenshot above

12. Wrap up with Keywords: Summarize your article and add more key points in it. This is because statistics show that many people, after visiting your website,they scan to the bottom before starting reading.

See how I am going to conclude this Post.


Use an SEO friendly theme or template. Magone is recommended. Also read: How to edit blogger theme to look professional

Also check sample SEO friendly Article on Google: Top 10 hottest Cameroon rappers in 2021 ( Search on Google to confirm)


To write a search engine optimized Articles on a blogger blog, follow the points I have explained above carefully . The points include:

  • Research keywords

  • Write good titles(h1, h2)

  • Use correct grammar

  • Write unique post

  • Write good intro

  • Organized post

  • Add image/videos

  • Add external/internal links

  • Write all relevant info

  • Check competitors

  • Write a catchy search engine Description.

  • Wrap up with Keywords

Thanks for reading, if there's anything you don't understand, Comment, I will try to answer you. 

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